New Top 16 Week 10

I know that I was originally posting and ranking the Top 32 teams in the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision), but with all of the more highly ranked teams falling, I felt that it was not worth it to rank 32 teams and most of them have no shot at the CFP.

With that in mind, I decided to rank 16 teams, from 1-16, with the following criteria:

  1. Strength of schedule, based on the ESPN FPI metric
  2. the good old-fashioned eyeball test
  3. Each team’s chances to make the playoff
  4. the amount of quality wins and losses

The main point of this is not to rank the teams the way I think the committee will rank them, these are just my rankings.

  1.  Clemson

Earlier in the season I would have scoffed at anyone who put Clemson in the top spot, but way this team has been playing has convinced me that they are for real. Deshaun Watson has been utilizing all of his weapons offensively and the defense has performed admirably for a pass rush that lost Kevin Dodd and Shaq Lawson, both studs on the line.

2. Texas A&M

Their only loss is to Alabama, their SOR is 3rd and the team is gelling well. What more can you ask for?

3. Alabama

Nick Saban’s squad has performed well and their record against the AP Top 25 is 5-0.

T4. Louisville

Lamar Jackson is on a roll. However, I would have placed them higher if not for the ugly win over Virginia.

T4. Auburn

After that loss to Texas A&M, Auburn has had over 200 yards rushing in every game since then. They are also undefeated since then.

6. Ohio State

J.T. Barrett has taken control of this team and their only loss is to now #12 in the CFP poll Penn State, and Northwestern, who they struggled against, has rebounded since that loss to Western Michigan (heard of them?)

7. Michigan

Jim Harbaugh has coached this team well and he has utilized his many weapons, namely Jabrill Peppers, Amara Darboh and others.


Chris Petersen has coached this team well and he has utilized his many weapons. (Is there an echo in here?)

9. Utah

I saw more from this Utah squad than I did in any other game. Joe Williams is a force in the backfield, coming out of retirement.

10. Western Michigan

P.J Fleck’s team is “rowing the boat” this season, as Zach Terrell and Corey Davis are connecting a whole lot and Jamauri Bogan is averaging almost 100 yds per game.

11. Tennessee

12. LSU

13. West Virginia

14. Virginia Tech

15. Oklahoma

16. Texas


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