NEW Top 10 Week 12

After a huge week of upsets, during which SIX of the top 12 teams in my rankings went down, I have decided to slim down the rankings further, to ten teams.
1. Ohio State
After consecutive dominant performances against Nebraska and Maryland, coupled with the only team ahead of them, Clemson, losing, I feel the Buckeyes are deserving of the top spot in this week’s rankings.
2. Louisville
A huge comeback against Wake Forest, but Lamar Jackson did not impress me last night, throwing for 145 yards and rushing for 154 more.
3. Alabama
Bama continues to dominate lesser opponents, but that is the reason why I disagree with most major polls. Alabama SHOULD dominate lesser teams, but when will they beat a quality opponent?
4. Tennessee
The main reason I have the Vols here is all of the quality wins they have. Four of their ten opponents so far are leading their division: Ohio, Virginia Tech, and Florida.
5. Clemson
The loss to Pitt, at home, on Senior Night, was devastating, but the Tigers are still on pace to win the ACC Atlantic, and probably clinch a CFP spot.
6. Michigan
7. USC
8. Utah
9. Oklahoma
10. West Virginia


One thought on “NEW Top 10 Week 12

  1. Who do you think will win the Heisman if Lamar Jackson does not step up his game ? Lamar Jackson started the season like Josh Dobbs, A ton of hype . Now neither look like they will win the Heisman .


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